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A Visit from the RSGB General Manager

January 16, 2016 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News


Graham Coomber G0NBI meeting Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, in Wythall Radio Club’s shack in 2013

This Tuesday evening is an exciting one in the Wythall Radio Club Calendar. We have a visit from the General Manager of our National Society the Radio Society of Great Britain.

Graham Coomber G0NBI has been in post for about 4 years now and this week’s visit is all the more poignant for being his last to us in the role – this is because he recently announced his imminent retirement.

It will be great to see Graham again, not least because he is not only an official representative of our National Society but also because, along with his wife Von, he is very much a friend of our club.

20:30 in the Darts Room at Wythall House, if you want to come along – set your GPS for Silver Street, Wythall B47 6LZ and it should bring you to us nicely!