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John Bevan G4OJL (1940-2020) SK

An appreciation by Lee G0MTN
Long-time Wythall Radio Club member John Bevan G4OJL sadly became a silent key early in 2020. 
John, who was an original member from the early 1980s, rejoined the club in 2012 after a chance meeting with David G0ICJ (also sadly now recently SK). His initial interest was to join in with the ongoing morse class.
Although John was always associated with contacts on the key, he’d told me that after he’d passed the compulsory morse test in the 1980s he had not used it on air and didn’t like the mode. Indeed for a while he gave up the hobby completely and moved onto other pursuits.  Thanks to Chris G0EYO finding John’s details in an old callbook, John was able to get his original G4OJL callsign reissued.
John continued with the morse class led by Chris G7DDN (pictured with John on the left) but by his own admission found it quite tough going and requiring lots of practice at home and at the club.
He said that one Friday night at the club shack with Phil 2E0WTH and others, he heard Barry M0DGQ calling CQ on 80 metres without any station replying to him, so he very cautiously replied. This was his very first ever CW contact. 
After that John went from strength to strength, and was soon very comfortable on the key. His morse progression resulted in him being the second recipient of the Lew Williams Shield in 2013 (see photo right, being presented by Lee G0MTN).

After that, despite being one of our more senior members in age, John continued to help out with the morse class, assisting with practical assessments with our training team. 

He was an active participant in Club events, including Plug and Play days, bringing some interesting antennas to try, at field days and other operating events, the Wythall Fun Run, and the Wythall Hamfest.

Club members recall him always being willing to answer a CW CQ, and being a dab hand at the ‘squeeze’ technique on a paddle key.
He entered almost all of the club contests, often sticking to CW only, but was also to be often found on FM for a local natter.  He also embraced D-STAR and recorded his activity on the Club’s ‘check-in’ website.
As a club it’s great that we were able to help rekindle his interest in the hobby and also facilitated several new friendships with like-minded people, as exemplified by the photo on the left, showing John with his two friends, the brothers Hemming – Les G0HOR & Alf G1MJO. 
You are missed John – rest in peace.