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Why join a Radio Club

This 15 minute video presented by club member Lee G0MTN, shows how being a member of an active radio club can help you progress further in the hobby and overcome the inevitable trials and tribulations that you will experience as a new radio amateur.

Join the National Society – the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

The RSGB represents all radio amateurs in dealing with National (Ofcom) and International (IARU) Regulators. Membership provides many benefits

There is short “Did You Know?” video that the RSGB have produced to tell you more about our National Society

RADCOM – Every month Members receive a copy of the UK’s biggest and best amateur radio magazine. Pages are packed with the latest news, reviews and advice on amateur radio – a must for everyone who is interested in radio. Also RADCOM Basics for newly licensed amateurs is available

MEMBERS’ ONLY WEB CONTENT – Web pages exclusively for RSGB Members, containing videos, RadCom archive material, Bletchley Park free admission voucher and much more.

QSL BUREAU – A service that enables you to exchange QSL (confirmation of a radio contact) cards in bulk at a fraction of the cost of posting them yourself, especially if the other person is overseas!

BOOK DISCOUNTS – RSGB Members receive at least a 15% discount on the Society’s extensive list of some 200 amateur radio books, CDs, RSGB branded merchandise, etc.

CONTESTS – RSGB organises over 60 contests each year for its members. How many radio contacts can you make in the time specified? The more the better – the further the better!

AWARDS – Many awards are available to RSGB Members including ones for contacting 100+ different Commonwealth stations, or 30+ stations in Europe and Africa, or on the 10 GHz band, for a single contact over 150 km.

PLANNING ADVICE – Our free booklet just for Members “Planning Permission: Advice for Members” provides excellent advice on how to maximise your chances of getting planning permission. Further help on a one-to-one basis is available through the efforts of our Planning Panel.

EMC ADVICE – Our EMC Co-ordinators and Committee provide members with specific help in solving your Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Interference problems.

REGIONAL TEAM – Local to you, a team of RSGB volunteers are there to represent your views and help solve any local issues

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