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Colin Baker G6ZDQ (1948-2017) SK

Colin operating in the club’s shack

It was with deep regret that we heard of the passing of Colin Baker G6ZDQ on 17thMay 2017, aged 68 years. He succumbed to the cancer with which he was diagnosed 18 months earlier.

Colin had managed to pull through a severe heart attack in his 40’s and another when he was 59. Although he could not beat his cancer, he survived longer than his doctors thought he would. Not for nothing had he a reputation for having 9 lives!

Colin was a maintenance manager for the NHS at the Moseley Hall Hospital in Kings Heath, although he had, in his younger  years, owned a greengrocers and a Post Office.

He was a man of many interests including warplanes, military history, steam railways, power boats, F1 motor racing and photography. He was especially knowledgeable about the history of South Birmingham and Kings Heath in particular.

Colin is survived by Janette, his partner of 14 years, his daughter Anna and his grandchildren to whom he was devoted.

Colin with partner Janette

Colin was a founder member of Wythall Radio Club in the early 1980’s when it was a CB club – his handle was Mercury.

He worked particularly hard to make the club’s meeting room and radio shack what it is today, from the unusable cellar it was before. 

For many years he was an active participant at club events, contests, Special Event Stations, Rallies, BBQs, Fox Hunts, Xmas Parties, club meetings until illness curtailed his activities.

Colin was a widower, his wife Carol died of lung cancer in 2001 – this hit Colin very hard as he was still dealing with the consequences of his first heart attack and the subsequent medical issues.

Colin and Jan worked at the same hospital and struck up a relationship which lasted for 14 years. They were very good for each other.  Colin was made to feel very welcome by Jan’s large family and he felt very much part of it. They loved their holidays, cruising overseas, and visiting Cornwall, Devon, Wales, and Weston-Super-Mare.

We all have our own special memories of Colin; mine are of a stubborn, determined man who would help you anyway he could, who liked being part of the crowd.

Over the years many of us will have spent many hours in his company; on holidays, on club trips and events. Eating at local pubs and restaurants, building aerials and radio stations, going to steam rallies, visiting air shows at Cosford.

Anita 2E0DUO and Peter M5DUO will never forget the evening that Colin, Jan and Anna visited them in Redditch to discuss Anna’s wedding plans. On their way from parking the car to Anita’s front door Colin suffered a massive heart attack. Luckily Anita’s neighbour was on hand to administer CPR until the paramedics arrived.

Grandad, Grandad, we love you!

Believe it or not but Colin recovered quickly enough to celebrate both his 60thbirthday and Anna’s wedding some weeks later!

David G0ICJ recalled Colin bullying him into joining the club’s Morse Code class run by Lew Williams on what was my first visit to the club some 35 years ago. David says he was grateful for Colin’s persuasive technique as it enabled him to obtain his “A” licence, having passed his RAE some 15 years earlier.

Mike G4VPD remembers being with Colin and others spending many hours digging out the tons of silt from the cellar at Wythall House and clearing away skip loads of rubbish.

He was very close to senior club member Jim 2E0BLP too, popping in to see him every week for a cup of tea while Jan went shopping at Sainsburys.

I invite you all to cherish your memories of Colin and remember the very good times we had in his company.

In Colin’s memory, the club, along with several individual club members and friends, made a donation to the Midlands Air Ambulance Service, something Colin would have appreciated.



Chris G0EYO