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Vic Trend M0AEJ SK (1936-2023)

It was with great sadness that the club learned that long time member Vic M0AEJ passed away on the 18th of March 2023 aged 87 years (he would have been 88 on 27th March). Vic leaves Jane his wife of 64 years, his daughter Helen and sons David and Colin. His funeral at Redditch Crematorium was on Tuesday 4th April. Vic will be remembered amongst his family and friends as a devoted, quiet, kind and gentle man. He turned out for many club activities for over 30 years, including field days, BBQ’s, and the club’s annual radio rally. Until he became a full time carer for his wife Jane, he was a regular at the radio club on Tuesday nights

Vic was born and educated in Birmingham, enjoyed several sports and was a keen cricketer in his youth (useful left arm bowler by all accounts). He had a love of science and the microscopic world and this was to form the basis of his work for the rest of his life. He worked as a Technical Scientist in the Bacteriological department of the Medical School at Birmingham University and studied hard to gain his Institute qualifications at night school. Eventually called up for National Service, he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps, leaving two years later as a Staff Sgt.  After National Service he re-joined the University Medical School, eventually transferring to do similar work at the nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital from where he retired, aged 60, in 1994. Whilst at the QE he also taught the same subject at the Birmingham Polytechnic. Vic had not travelled overseas much in his life but after retiring; he and Jane went on a trip around the world, which they enjoyed very much. However for Vic that was enough foreign travel for one life time.

Vic was a man of many interests and hobbies but his main interest apart from his family was Amateur Radio. I am not sure when Vic joined Wythall Radio Club but my guess it was around the time he retired.

Lee G0MTN remembers Vic “as a constant presence at Club events on site at Wythall, and on air, for many years. Antenna and QTH limitations meant he was never a huge signal from his home in Moseley, but he regularly entered club contests going back to the mid 90’s, and also took part in the RSGB Club Championship and UKAC events on 80m and 2m helping to boost the team scores”.  Vic would also diligently take minutes for the club AGM’s year after year. Vic also enjoyed the morse proficiency classes run before the regular Tuesday meetings. 

Darren GW7HOC recalls they were both huge fans of VHF RTTY and would spend hours sending RTTY images to each other as well as general keyboard to keyboard chats on 2m FM. He says “Vic was one of the nicest, well mannered people I have ever met, always kind, always courteous.”

And that is how those who knew him will remember him. RIP dear friend – Chris G0EYO