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Up until March 2018, the club published a quarterly Newsletter in pdf format which contained club news and articles of interest on a variety of radio-related issues written by Wythall Radio Club members. Club News is now published on our Facebook pages; the G4WAC group.io Forum and this Club website,

We will keep this page free for any radio related articles written by Club members.  

You can find an Archived List of published Newsletters together with an index here

  1. In this wide ranging and fascinating article Chris takes us through, not only the restoration project but his own varied experience of CW in the past  working once as a CW intercept operator in the Government agencies of Bletchley Park and GCHQ and, since then  his determination to master the art of sending CW on the air.

    With a brief history of the development of Morse keys from simple circuit breakers .. straight keys to the foundation of the Vibroplex Company and the semi- automatic Bug in 1905 Chris leads us to  the present day and the not previously- viewed arrival of a collection of old keys from a Stourbridge Auction house.

    His gaze is drawn magnetically to a  Vibroplex Champion Semi-automatic Bug key (serial number 164719)  much in need of some TLC. It is this process that Chris documents in some detail describing the painstaking process and subsequent realisation of an immaculate example of this iconic key. Read the full article HERE

  2. A recent pass of the Full Licence Examination by our Hon Sec Clive (now M0KNP) got our Training Co-ordinator Chris G0EYO thinking about how wonderful it is that people who have an interest in radio communications, but no technical, engineering or academic training can pass an examination in which some of the questions require them to learn a high level of technical and electronic theory and scientific calculations. Chris G0EYO has written an article “Achieving the Impossible by Getting That Full Amateur Licence” where he describes how the structured approach of the Bath Distance Learning Team have got around 1000 amateurs through their Intermediate and Full Licence examinations with their courses which have an award winning success rate. You will find the article in the Library/Articles section of the website or through the URL link HERE.
  3. Neil G1TZC’s Canadian Adventure (28/8/23): Our resident satellite member, Neil G1TZC, amused us all recently with a tale from his past on the club’s group.io forum with a tale about a visit to Canada. READ IT HERE