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A guide to MMANA Part 1

November 29, 2011 By: M0MCX Category: Club

Click the YouTube logo, found bottom right of this presentation for a higher quality version.

Moonbounce Presentation

November 28, 2011 By: M0MCX Category: News

Region 5 Club of the Year 2010

November 26, 2011 By: admin Category: Club

Wythall Radio Club won the RSGB Region 5 Club of the Year for 2010. This is the second year running that Wythall have won the trophy, competing against many other radio clubs in the Midlands region for prestigious trophy and certificate.

The full range of activities that the club offers its members obviously impressed the judges.  We felt it only fair not to enter for 2011 so that other clubs in the region could have a chance to win it. The certificate and trophy were sponsored by RadioWorld Ltd our friendly Midlands dealer in all things radio, our thanks to Dave.

New Club Reflector

November 26, 2011 By: M0MCX Category: Club

The new members-only club reflector is now live on Yahoo Groups.


Sunday VHF Net

November 26, 2011 By: admin Category: Club

A reminder to all that Wythall’s weekly VHF net takes place at 8:00pm, Callum M0MCX is usually in the chair.

Our chosen Sunday Frequency is the “club channel” of 145.225MHz and ends up wherever the feeling takes us. There is some discussion over having a Sunday morning net too on 40m. Watch this space for frequencies and modes.

All welcome.

Christmas Party

November 26, 2011 By: admin Category: Club

Wythall Radio Club’s Xmas Party, will be held in the Britannia Hall, Wythall House on Friday December 9th starting at 7.30pm, live and recorded music, skittles, raffle, and other prizes. American Supper, bring some food and share it with everyone.

Prizes for the raffle would be most welcome.

Bring friends and family, there is no entry charge. Bar until 11pm.

Contact Stuart [email protected]

New Zealand gets 1kW

November 25, 2011 By: admin Category: News

New Zealand amateur radio operators have had their power limit raised from 500W to 1000W (1kW) although their national website is still showing no news to this effect.

Coming into force on 30th Nov 2011, their Radiocommuinications Regulations, section 5.5 state:

Except as provided to the contrary in this notice,
transmitter power output must not exceed 1000 watts peak
envelope power (pX), as defined in ITU Radio Regulation

RSGB currently have an open agenda item with Ofcom to discuss the power limits for UK amateurs. The objective is apparently be give contest stations in the UK a lift in their power limits. More news on this topic will probably come available sometime next year.

Meteorological Balloon Flight

November 25, 2011 By: admin Category: News

Chris, M3IKN has just called to tell us that his Birmingham University student team are payload testing their electronics prior to a meteorological balloon flight shortly. The transmitter is sending on 434.650, LSB using RTTY with 20mW power output to a small antenna. The team hope to capture the telemetry using a hand-held yagi.

If you are near Birmingham and fancy a listen, have a go. If you have digital modes, you may be able to decode their telemetry too. Be aware that the device if close to the ground right now so you may not hear much.

Their real flight is sometime soon. They are aiming for 100,000 feet. We’ll keep you up to date.

WordPress Website

November 25, 2011 By: admin Category: Club

This is a standard web template for WordPress that we are gradually customising. Originally, the design would have allowed people to comment on the various articples as web-blogs sometimes do. We will completly switch these shortly to leave the site looking a little more fresh and less “bloggy”.

Another reason for these articles is to show the club members what the site will look like when it’s fully populated.

Website update

November 25, 2011 By: admin Category: Club

We’re currently hunting for a super photo-album thingy-ma-jig. We have an archive of 100mb plus of photo memorabilia and the ability to display these well for club members and visitors is essential. Let us know if you find a super one.