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A happy announcement!

August 08, 2012 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club

Rob M6HCS, James M6BXG, Darren M6LPD and James J (awaiting callsign)

We are proud to announce the birth of four new members into the Radio Amateur & Wythall Radio Club Community!

Following an intensive Foundation License Course guided by Lead Instructor Chris G0EYO, Rob, James, Darren and James J all passed their Foundation Exam last Sunday with flying colours and, it has to be said, some impressively high marks!

Callsigns have been quickly issued by OFCOM, so look out for M6HCS, M6BXG and M6LPD on the air.

Their course represented something of a departure from the norm for Wythall Radio Club.  It took place over two weekends in the middle of the Summer Holidays; Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours each day.  It ended on the second weekend with the Foundation Exam; Sunday lunchtime must seem like an odd time to sit an exam, lads!

The happy hams are pictured right with their pass certificates. All the members of Wythall Radio Club congratulate you! Now is it true that we are already hearing rumbles about when the next Intermediate Course is likely to take place?