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Holidays are coming…

August 03, 2012 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club

Wythall member G3YXM - 144MHz portable

August is probably the month of the year when most of us in the UK go on holiday. Wythall Radio Club members are no exception of course; we are all to some extent tied by when the children or grandchildren find themselves off school.

One thing that many of us enjoy however is the chance to engage in a little “holiday portable” operation. Whether it be a handheld transceiver, a Yaesu FT-817 or a larger radio with a hefty Power Supply, most amateur operators enjoy the opportunity to make a few contacts wherever they go.

Many Wythall members will be heard throughout August and September “on the air” from more exotic locations; Ireland, Spain, France, to name but a few. Doubtless some will also be trying to “make the trip” back to contact other members in Wythall.  Either way, holidays are another great opportunity to “play radio” in the open air (hopefully in the sunshine!) once again.