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Amateur Radio in Wartime

May 24, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, News

This Tuesday sees the members of Wythall Radio Club enjoying the second presentation put together by our national society, the RSGB, to celebrate its centenary.


Operating – World War 1 style

Continuing our look at the last 100 years , the focus this week will be on a closer examination of the role played by Radio Amateurs during the two World Wars.

Upon the outbreak of both wars, Amateur licenses were inevitably revoked and precious few transmissions were heard on the bands.

However, that is only half of the story, as Amateurs then gave their considerable skills to serve their country in its severest hour of need.

Stories abound of how these radio enthusiasts literally helped win the wars.  We have all heard about the interception and decryption of the German Enigma codes, but there are many other stories of Radio Amateurs’ service to be discovered.

The presentation takes place this Tuesday evening in the Club Shack in the basement of Wythall House. Visitors are welcome as always, so if you would like to come along, head for Silver Street, B47 6LZ . The evening starts at 2030 with drinks from 2000 onwards. See you there!