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Neil’s G1TZC Canadian Adventure

Neil operating in IARU HF World Championship weekend 11/7/20

Many years ago now, I travelled to see my mother in southern Ontario and liked the idea of operating VE3. Now there was a little problem, I didn’t really have a portable HF rig. Well that’s not strictly true as it did have a handle on it and didn’t need external 12 volt supply so I suppose it was. 

So I decided to go for it, packed the family up and the radio, although that might have been packed in order of importance so radio was probably packed first. I constructed an easily removed packaging system for the radio and took it as hand luggage – the regulations for hand luggage weren’t quite as strict as the are now. I did decide to keep the power lead close at hand but I did pack the microphone away. Even if that had got lost I could have got another one from a well known North American electronics outlet!

We got to the airport and checked in. The counter staff didn’t bat an eyelid at it, just popped a label on as cabin baggage. 

So off to security we went. Security staff where more interested. They noted that there was a power cable with a plug so they asked for said item to be powered up so they could see it working. This was duly done with a lot of smiles from security and several felt they needed to come and look at it. Maybe it was a novelty item. 

After only a few minutes delay, we were off to the gate. Again, these were the days when there was no check in at the gate, just take a seat and wait. Boarding time arrived and as I got on the plane the cabin staff did enquire if I would mind stowing it under my seat as it looked delicate and valuable. I agreed that this was probably a good plan. I should mention that the packaging was industrial grade bubble wrap so you could see the contents. 

On arriving at Toronto airport I got pulled at customs. HE was a ‘ham’ and was fascinated that I had gone to the trouble of taking the radio on holiday with me. He did ask to see my license, which he found to be in order. I also picked up a top tip from him. Turned out that it was the Buffalo (NY, USA) HamFest the following weekend, so that was put in the diary.

Had two weeks of very enjoyable radio from my mothers back garden.

Oh but what about the detail of that portable radio I hear you ask. A Yaesu FT101ZD! Well it has got a carrying handle!

Happy DXing
Neil – G1TZC