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RSGB launches Foundation practicals video series 

October 02, 2020 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

The RSGB has just launched today a series of videos to help the thousands of people who have taken their Foundation exam via remote invigilation whilst the Covid restrictions have prevented the practical assessments taking place.

The full 30-minute video highlights six practical tasks and each segment stands alone rather than being part of a single ‘story’ through the video. As well as this whole video we have published the different segments as separate short videos to make it easier to go back to just one or two parts again.

As the National Society, RSGB “wanted to create a video resource that people could use and return to whenever they needed some support.

We know that many clubs and individual radio amateurs have created online training courses and have been helping new licensees with these skills too and we’re really grateful for all the support being given by the amateur radio community.

With the launch of these videos we now want to add to the resources that new licensees have available to them.”

If you want to find the page quickly or share a link, this short url will be the easiest way: www.rsgb.org/foundation-practicals

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