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Xmas Contest Rules

Wythall Radio Club Christmas Contest 2013/2014

(The Reg Brown G7OJO Trophy & the 144 MHz FM Trophy)


1. Objective:

The objective of the contest is to promote amateur radio activity amongst the members of Wythall Radio Club, and to gain some ‘on air’ publicity for the club. The contest is open to all current members of Wythall Radio Club. It is above all a social affair, though it is recognised that many take it very seriously.

2. Dates and times:

Starts: 2000z 24th December 2013 Ends: 2000z 1st January 2014

3. Bands & Sections:

The only real rule is that a radio (transmitting real RF!) must be used by each party in any given contact. Therefore, ANY amateur band may be used. Cross mode & cross band contacts are allowed; packet radio & repeater QSOs are allowed; Echolink QSOs are allowed, especially to contact “out of town” members. However, it is asked that repeaters are only used when simplex contacts are not possible.

Please note there are 2 sections to this contest: Section “ALL” – ALL Amateur Bands, ALL modes Section “2M FM” – 144 MHz ONLY – FM mode ONLY (i.e. 144 MHz SSB is NOT allowed in the 2M FM Section)

***IMPORTANT – Indicate which Section you wish to enter when you send your log in for adjudication. If you have used ANY BAND or MODE other than 2m FM, you MUST enter the ALL section***

4. Exchange:

Signal report + QSO number.

5. Scoring / multipliers:

You score 1 point per QSO for each club member worked on each of the 9 days of the contest. Each Club Member worked over the 9 days of the contest counts as a “multiplier”.

Your total QSO score is the total number of your best 5 days’ QSOs multiplied by the number of different club members worked over the entire 9 days of the contest. For example, if Phil 2E0WTH works 35 stations in his best 5 days + 10 different club members during the whole contest, his score is 35 x 10 = 350, whereas if Ian M0IDR claims only 30 stations in his best 5 days, but snags 15 different club members, his score is 30 x 15 = 450, thus beating Phil.

You can see from this that getting multipliers (i.e. working as many different members as possible) is vital to getting a high score.

In addition to your final QSO score, there are 50 bonus points available for each of 8 designated bands (160m, 80m, 40m, 10m, 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cms) that you have a QSO with a different Wythall member.

There are also 50 bonus points for each of 4 designated modes (FM, SSB/AM, CW and Digital) activated contacting Wythall members. Digital Voice contacts count toward the Digital bonus.

Furthermore, operating /M will earn 50 bonus points, and operating /P over the contest week will earn another 50 points. (Note that /P includes using another member’s station to use bands and modes you may not have at home)

NOTE: /M and /P are the only bonuses available if you enter the 2FM Section. Remember to claim all bonuses in your entry.

6. Logs

Logs in any format (logging spreadsheet is preferred) to Lee G0MTN or Mike G4VPD, as soon as possible (Committee meeting night of 14th Jan 2014 at the latest). If you cannot calculate your score please send in your log and it will be scored for you.

7. Awards

The winner of the ALL section will receive the Reg Brown G7OJO Trophy (retained for one year) at the results and presentation evening on Tuesday 28th January 2014. The winner of the 2M FM section will receive the 144 MHz FM Trophy (retained for one year) The winner, the second and third placed entrant in each section will also receive certificates of merit. Special awards e.g. leading Foundation entrant, leading SWL, may also be awarded.

Special results tables and awards for “out of town” entrants, or those only operating single bands, single modes, or /P etc. will be tabulated depending on entries received. Please state any special entry criteria when you submit your log.

The results will be published on the Yahoo Group and in the Wythall Radio Club Newsletter following adjudication.

Disputes will be settled by the contest committee, whose decision is final. So there!

Chris G7DDN
Mike G4VPD

December 2013