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Exam success at Wythall Radio Club!

December 22, 2018 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

There were happy faces at Wythall Radio Club as the results of the recent Amateur Radio Exams were published! 

Jonathan, aged 16, became the youngest Wythall Radio Club member ever to gain an Advanced licence.  He has a shiny new callsign M0JSL.

He passed his Foundation exam in 2016 aged just 14, followed by his Intermediate in 2017 and achieved his Advanced qualification just in time for Christmas 2018!

He was one of seven candidates – including Club members Ian and Neil – who passed the Advanced exam.  Ian and Neil now have their new callsigns – M0LQY and M0LUH.

We also welcomed the success of Wythall Club member Miles (on the left of the photo above) and Colin (who is a MARS member, on the right above), displaying their Foundation level pass certificates. 

These were presented after they successfully completed a morning practical assessment. Both scored highly, with Miles achieving 100%. 

Miles and Colin were self-taught, but had a long held interest in CB and short wave listening. Miles now has his new M7ACN callsign, and Colin is M7CFL.

Finally, Ed M6ODQ took his Intermediate level examination on-line and passed with a high score.  He took 14 minutes to sit what was an 1hr and 25 min exam!  The photo shows the candidates hard at work on their exam!

The Foundation level assessment provides a straight-forward way to gain an Amateur Radio licence, giving the holder basic privileges to communicate with other amateurs worldwide using low power.  Foundation and Advanced exams are more complex, and give holders the opportunity to use higher power, construct transmitting equipment and operate on a wider range of frequencies.

These results reflect the commitment of the Wythall Radio Club’s training team, including Chris G0EYO, Roger M0GWM, Peter G4LWF and John G4OJL.


Celebrating Christmas!

December 17, 2018 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Wythall Radio Club members, families and friends enjoyed the annual Christmas Party at the club this weekend. 

It was a great turnout with all the tables occupied – and even Santa paid a visit!

There was much discussion over festive drinks about the various exam successes the club had achieved over the last week, together with the anticipation of new callsigns. Other members were sharing their plans to take part in the forthcoming Christmas Contest.

The American Supper highlights included the famous G3YXM Tagine, the authentic G4VPD Spanish meatballs, not forgetting the 2E0DUO roast pork.

And of course, the usual games – the skittles competition, stand-up bingo and of course the traditional raffle.

Our thanks go to Kev 2E0NCO and Anita 2E0DUO for their work organising the party. Perhaps we will see you there next year?