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A Month of Morse Code…?

April 30, 2012 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Elsewhere on this website, you can read a tribute to Lew Williams,  former President of Wythall Radio Club and our original CW tutor.  Many current members took their first steps in Morse Code with Lew.

Some time ago, after Lew sadly passed away, it was thought appropriate to honour his memory in a suitable manner and so the Lew Williams Sheild was born!

In order to win this trophy, Wythall Club members are being asked to view the 31 days of the month of May as a “Morse Code Activity Month”.  The shield will be awarded to the club member who has shown the biggest contribution to the event, and/or shown the greatest improvement in Morse Code skills.  Certificates may be also awarded for various levels of achievement.

Morse Code Activity Month

The quantity of contacts will not be the most important factor. Log submissions and personal statements will be equally important in the judging process.  The sort of things the judges will look for include… “First live CW QSOs on HF”,  or “First CW QSOs not using an automatic reader”, “First ever CW QSOs, but did use receive assistance”,  ”Log shows 20 Wythall club members contacted using CW”, “Log shows 30 countries worked during the month.”

As a fun, friendly event, it is hoped that members will recognize improvement in their fellow club members and submit feedback and nominations for them. Like the Oscars, the Lew Williams Shield can be largely decided by your peers!

So it may be time to dust off that key and finally see what you can do with the code!