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Fox found!

December 27, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Contest, Fun

The Wythall Christmas Foxhunt results are in and Colin G6ZDQ is celebrating today.

zdq fox

Foxhunting supremo 2014, Colin G6ZDQ

10 members joined the hunt this morning; last years’ winners Steve 2E0SDD and Stacey M6STJ were joined by Callum M0MCX and his wife Wendy, Kevin 2E0NCO and his partner Marian, Stu M0NYP, Jon M0JMM, Phil 2E0WTH, husband and wife team Pete M5DUO & Anita 2E0DUO together with Colin G6ZDQ.

A rather flu-ridden Steve and Stacey played first fox as reigning champions(!) and were found by Callum and Wendy. They in turn became fox 2 but were duly hunted down by Stacey and Steve!

To prevent the day becoming a two-team event, Phil and Jon volunteered to be fox 3 and were duly found hiding in a country lane by Pete, Anita and Colin.

50+ miles was enough for a morning’s fun so a welcome carvery and bar followed, where it was agreed that Colin G6ZDQ should be awarded the M0GJM Memorial Trophy for 2014.

See you again next year!