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GB7SO (Wythall 70cms D-STAR Repeater)

GB7SO was a D-STAR 432 MHz repeater located in Major’s Green, halfway between Solihull & Wythall.



We are sorry to announce that GB7SO has been switched off permanently due to issues with both Tx and Rx and and subsequent small usage patterns.

Thank you for your support over the years it has been running.

We suggest you follow the majority of D-STAR users and get your own Access Point to use from home (DVAP, DV4Mini etc.) – this is by far the most cost effective and secure way to ensure you have D-STAR comms.

In tandem with a portable battery, you can even go mobile with your own gateway in the car using your mobile phone as the Internet. An excellent way to use the mode.

If there is any further news of D-STAR in Wythall, we will post it here in future.

Thank you again for your support.