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A Great Day Out!

April 21, 2013 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, News

One of the fun parts of the Amateur Radio hobby is being tempted by all the goodies that radio and electronics traders place in front of us. And the best way to put oneself in a place of great temptation is to visit a Radio Fair, also known as a Rally (Hamfest to our US readers!)

Today saw one of the highlights in the UK rally calendar, the West London Rally at Kempton Park Racecourse, not a million miles from Heathrow Airport!stalls

Five members of Wythall Radio Club were there perusing the stalls today and parting with some well-earned spondoolicks in the cause of the hobby! Ian M0IDR, Barry M0DGQ and Chris G7DDN met up with David G7IBO & Juliet M6RSC.

990A great time was had by all. The general consensus was that, this year, there was a very good balance of “junk” type stalls and “high end” traders.

Certainly the members of Wythall Radio Club who were there had a great time, especially given that it was our first opportunity to play with the new large Kenwood TS-990 (pictured)!