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Barry M0DGQ as D44TXP

September 19, 2013 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun

CW on the beach!

Wythall Radio Club member Barry M0DGQ has arrived back from the Cape Verde Islands and does he have some tales to tell!

From August 27 until September 11 together with wife Ann, he took the holiday of a lifetime to the Isle of Sal. While planned as a special birthday treat for Ann, Barry knows that, for a Radio Amateur, no holiday is complete without some form of radio! So also along for the ride came a home built 3-band Morse Code transceiver, 10m fishing pole, antennas and battery!

Operation was from both the beach and the hotel apartment. Of all the bands used however, 20m was by far the most successful. Europe, Japan, Africa, Ukraine and Brazil were all worked with ease. Even more exciting was that Barry was heard and worked here in Wythall by quite a few other club members – quite an achievement given the huge pile-ups Barry had to handle.

For more details on Barry’s operation, why not visit his own account here?