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Five Pass Their Intermediate Exam

July 07, 2015 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, News, Training


Al M6KPO, Carl M6ERA, Zaid, Dave M6HPD & John M6EGP with their indicative pass slips last night

It might sound like an Enid Blyton book title, but in actuality, it is the latest headline for the successes of Wythall Radio Club’s Training Department.

Last night, five students from our current Intermediate course took and passed their exams at the Club HQ.

The results will be officially rubber-stamped later this week but nonetheless in anticipation, the members of WRC send our congratulations to Al M6KPO, Carl M6ERA, Dave M6HPD, John M6EGP and Zaid (who has been waiting to pass this exam before applying for his first callsign).

There will be news of their new callsigns soon, so keep checking back to see what they get and to listen out for them on the air.

Our collective thanks go to Training-Coordinator Chris G0EYO and his team of tutors, Roger M0GWM, John G3VRF, Peter G4LWF and Dave G3YXM. Well done, chaps!