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‘Hello Australia’ – Wythall short-wave radio reaches out!

April 04, 2020 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

Recent contacts with Australia delighted Wythall Radio Club members.  

Using the 40 meter short wave band, Tim M6OTN and Chris G0EYO both made their first two-way contacts with Norman – call sign VK7AC  (see picture).

Norm is located in Tasmania island, almost 11,000 miles from Wythall.  

Tim and Chris were using FT8 – a digital mode that enables effective low power communication under poor propogation conditions.  

Tim only received his licence in 2018, so this was a great achievement!

The photos below show the equipment used for the contacts.  Chris uses (Yaesu 847 transceiver to left of photo), and Tim’s Yaesu 450d on the left of the operating desk and his 40 year old Hy Gain AVT40/WB-S vertical (on the left).