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Keeping it in the Family!

July 01, 2013 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, News, Training


Dawn proudly shows off her Foundation exam pass certificate

More great news from the Training camp at Wythall Radio Club!

Dawn, wife of club member John M1JSS, has this evening taken her Foundation Exam and passed first time. So yet another spouse joins the happy throng of lady members of Wythall Radio Club. In fact, several members’ wives have passed the Foundation Exam in recent years and there is now quite a large group of “XYLs” (as radio folk tend to call them) amassing in the Club!

All the members of Wythall Radio Club send their congratulations to Dawn and are also keeping their fingers crossed for Mark 2E0MSE – he took his Advanced Exam tonight at the same time. Sadly the results for that take a little while to come through so we are all waiting on tenterhooks for that one!