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Metal in the sky

September 19, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

The UK has been enjoying an Indian Summer over the last couple of weeks. And that has meant more news on the antenna front at Wythall Radio Club!

VHF Stack

23cms, 70cms, 2m and a dual 4m/6m set of beams sit atop the Wythall Radio Club mast!

Members have been been busy preparing our tower, replacing luffing cables and starting to construct our new antenna arrays. Thanks to our friends at Innovantennas and Martin Lynch & Sons, we have been able to put together a great set of aerials to cover all bands from 20m to 23cms.

Putting them together and getting them up in the air has been no mean task but we are almost there! The VHF and UHF arrays now proudly sit atop the mast and the last antenna to go on, the 5 band HF beam, is currently being constructed. We now just await one more kind weather day so we can finish the job.

Enjoy a look at some of the recent developments – we will let you know when it is finished!