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Sending pictures with MFSK-16

December 08, 2011 By: M0MCX Category: Fun

This morning, I was playing around with DM780, a package which is bundled with the Ham Radio Deluxe suite, when I stumbled across RU6YJ calling CQ on 15m. He was using MFSK-16 although it took me a while to work out what mode he was on. The trace looked like OLIVIA 250/8 or DominoEx16 but neither would decode his signal.  Eventually, I worked out that he was using MFSK-16 and I replied with my call.

After the usual digital pleasantries, he asked me if I could send a picture. I was slightly taken aback because I had no idea that MFSK-16 could send pictures. I asked him to wait 10 minutes whilst I worked it all out. After some super-fast research, I discovered that a 200 x 200 picture in monochrome wouldn’t be too ostentatious and I managed to replace Simon Brown’s (author of HRD) default picture with my own and make a test send a few khz up from where Vlad was. In the meantime, he’d found another victim and was mid-QSO so when he called CQ again, we started down the path of exchanging photos.

What made this quite funny is that I lost the macro to send the pic, so I manually entered “<send pic>” which didn’t work, he just received the words “<SEND PIC>”. In the end, we both managed to hit the right buttons. I sent mine and he sent his. Afterwards, he asked that I email him the received picture. We exchanged via email and I have attached them to this post.

73 OM.