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Thank You, Everyone! (Rally 2013)

March 10, 2013 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Hamfest, News


2013 Wythall Radio Club Rally

What a fantastic day! Traders, club members and well over 500 visitors combined to overcome some minor obstacles to make the 2013 Wythall Radio Rally one of the best ever!

So a huge thank you to all involved; to our traders, many of who travelled long distances from the middle of the night to get to us early; to all our club members, who were involved in the menial tasks from putting out road signs to printing leaflets and humping tables and traders’ wares in and out of the halls; and to you, our visitors, for turning out in force in very cold weather, on Mother’s Day to boot, and having to cope with a few parking issues that were, thankfully, not of our making.

Pictures follow (click the link below)