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Walter Chance M0GRO SK

May 05, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, News

Members of Wythall Radio Club are in sad mood at the moment. Walter M0GRO, one of the members who we have known right from his first steps in the hobby of Amateur Radio, is sadly no longer with us.


Walter M0GRO at VHF Field Day last year

Walter passed away a few days ago – his funeral service is tomorrow morning, Tuesday 6th May at 10.30 a.m. at the Robin Hood Crematorium in Shirley. The wake is being held where he spent so much of his time with us, at Wythall House, our club meeting place.

Walter studied with Wythall Radio Club for his Foundation licence in Oct 2008, taking his Intermediate in January 2009 and eventually his Advanced Exam in Dec 2009. Though he was not one of the most active members on air, Walter was liked by all for his quiet strength and wise sayings. He was also a lover of good ale!

He will be sadly missed by all members of WRC. A fuller appreciation is available on this website here. Meantime, the winner of our Easter Contest this year will receive a special trophy in memory of Walter, who was always one for getting involved in our internal Club Contests.

RIP old friend…