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Wythall Radio Club Chairman is Top of the Pile!

December 20, 2012 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Contest, News

Wythall Radio Club’s Chairman Mike Pugh G4VPD is celebrating today with the release of a new set of contest results. Mike has been our stalwart performer and has hit the top spot in the RSGB’s 144MHz UK Club Activity Contests throughout 2012.


Taking place every first Tuesday evening for 2.5 hours, the idea is to make as many contacts as possible within that time-frame. Mike won outright the “AL” Section of this event where only low power and one antenna may be used at any one time.

As the RSGB’s Contest Website reports… “G4VPD was the run-away winner scoring 7976 (points), topping the table in seven of the twelve sessions”. Even more remarkable is that Mike didn’t actually operate in all 12 events in the year – he actually missed January and December’s contest nights!

His scores and that of other members who took part lifted our club to 15th position out of 92 UK Radio Clubs who entered. We are very proud of these achievements and give our thanks and congratulations to Mike and all the other folk who came on during the year to get points for Wythall RC.

If you are interested in having a go yourself next year, click this link but be aware that the next session is on, wait for it… New Year’s Day! Will anyone be awake enough to take part?