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Wythall Radio Club Merchandise Evening

February 19, 2012 By: Chris G7DDN Category: News

Time to get ready for your new Wythall Radio Club polo shirts, t-shirts and fleece  jackets!   The “club tailor”(!) Peter Hall will be visiting us this coming Tuesday evening.

Many regular folks will have noticed the recent proliferation of club branded wear.  Peter will be doing a demonstration of how the logos are created and how his bespoke computerised machinery makes the garments.  He will also make a few shirts on the night for any last minute orderers, and bringing some pre-ordered garments with him too.

His first visit in November was excellent but this time, we will be meeting in the Darts Room, which will allow us to see more “up close” just exactly what goes on!

We are looking forward to welcoming him again, this time with his wife, Carol.

Don’t forget to bring your wallets, folks!