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Wythall Scouts and Beavers Have Radio Fun!

June 30, 2018 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

Our local Scouts and Beavers discovered the joys of amateur radio when Wythall Radio Club visited them during June. 

The 1st. Tidbury Green Beavers – aged 6 to 8 years – tapped their names in Morse code and used the phonetic alphabet to send messages to each other over hand-held radios.   Lee G0MTN and Michael M0IEQ were on hand to run the activities, assisted by the Beaver leaders and parents. 

The keen Beavers soon got the hang of these communication skills!

Other members of the Club ran a special event station for 1st Tanworth Scouts‘ 60th anniversary fete.  This followed two evenings where the Scouts were introduced to amateur radio and passed greetings messages over air. 

Dave G3YXM showed his expertise at casting a fishing line, enabling the team to haul up an antenna between two tall trees. 

David G0HVN and Ian 2E0LQY helped young visitors to send their names using Morse code.  They also used voice and digital communications to contact stations around the UK and Europe more widely. We will be providing more radio experience for Scouts and Beavers during Jamboree on the Air later this year.