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Wythall Signals from Space!!

September 26, 2018 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

What circles the earth 400km up and is as big as a football field? 

Yes, its the International Space Station! 

Communication via the ISS’s amateur radio installation has been a focus for Wythall Radio Club members in recent weeks.

The ISS’s ‘digipeater’ (digital repeater) receives messages send by radio amateurs and re-transmits them back to earth.  Using a hand-held digital radio (see picture) and a simple antenna, Wythall Club members Lee G0MTN and Chris G3YHF exchanged greetings over the 800km path to the ISS and back.  

Careful planning is needed, as the digipeater can only be accessed when the ISS is passing over central England.  This takes place once or twice a day, and each pass only lasts 10 minutes. 

The ISS’s Russian crew have also been transmitting pictures, and these have been received by Neil 2E0LUH. 

The ISS crew occasionally use voice transmissions to call schools and radio amateurs.  We’re hoping to catch one of these rare opportunities in the near future!

This is all part of the exciting ARISS (Amateur radio on the International Space Station)  project.