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Young People into Amateur Radio

April 14, 2015 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, News


Jamie 2E0SDV on the air

One of the conundrums of modern life, and one with which we at Wythall Radio Club grapple with too, is how to get young people interested and involved with the great hobby that is Amateur Radio.

While there is no easy answer to this, at least the members of Wythall Radio Club now have a stronger voice.

This is because one of our younger members, 14-year-old Jamie 2E0SDV, recently informed us that he is now a member of the RSGB’s Youth Committee. As a very active enthusiast himself, he is in a great position to make suggestions in just how to get today’s Internet and Mobile-equipped generation interested in Radio again.

We wish Jamie all the best in his endeavours – and of course if you have any suggestions, why not let him know?