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Farewell West Midlands – Hello West Africa!

March 24, 2019 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

West Africa is the destination for Wythall Radio Club member Jamie M0SDV.  He joins a radio DXpedition to Lomé, Togo from 14th March – 25th March – the only UK member of the international team of amateur radio operators.  

Although one of the Club’s youngest members, Jamie has an international reputation as an excellent amateur radio operator.  Last year he operated from Bonaire and Curacao, small islands in the Caribbean.  It’s this reputation that led to his invitation to travel to Togo.

There is very little amateur radio operation from Togo, and Jamie reports big ‘pile-ups’ – large numbers of amateur radio operators all calling him to secure a contact.

Several Wythall radio club members have been lucky enough to get through the cacophony of sound and make contact with Jamie and the team – who are using the callsign 5V7EI.

Good luck Jamie!!

Thank you – from the Wythall Hamfest team!

March 17, 2019 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

Thank you to the over 400 visitors to Wythall Radio Club’s 34th Hamfest 2019…..

….. And to the 39 traders large and small who filled the 4 halls and over 100 tables with a huge assortment of new and used items!

Visitors arrived from as far away as Devon and Southampton – even though we had hail, rain and sleet between the sunny intervals!

Thanks to Wythall House for letting us use their facilities, Burger Bob for his tasty refreshments – and our Club helpers, especially Warwick G4WMH for his skill in winching several cars off of the soggy grass!



March 13, 2019 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

Access to the Hamfest in Silver Street from Alcester Road is closed due to urgent water pipe repairs.

All vehicles must use Middle Lane entrance to Silver Street.  

NOTE:  Do not rely on Google maps or SatNav info on road closure – Silver Street is open from Middle Lane as far as the Hamfest (we have been there today!!).

TALK-IN:  Call on 145.550 or GB3WL if you require assistance. Note: there is no ‘bleep’ on GB3WL repeater – just talk normally and it will function.

Approaching from South

Leave at M42 junction 3, then take the A435 towards Birmingham.
At the first roundabout (Beckett’s Farm Complex and Sima Warehouse) take the 1st exit along Middle Lane, straight over the roundabout, and then turn right into Silver Street at the crossroads (opposite the horse outside Rose Bank Stores).  

Approaching from Birmingham or North

Take the A435 out of Birmingham towards Redditch. At the Maypole (Sainsbury’s) Island take the 3rd exit (A435 dual carriageway).  At the first roundabout (Beckett’s Farm Complex and Sima Warehouse) take the 4th exit along Middle Lane, straight over the roundabout, and then turn right into Silver Street at the crossroads (opposite the horse outside Rose Bank Stores).  

TALK-IN:  Call on 145.550 or GB3WL if you require assistance. Note: there is no ‘bleep’ on GB3WL repeater – just talk normally and it will function.

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Wythall Hamfest Programme and Map now available

March 05, 2019 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

Save time on the day! 

Download and print your PROGRAMME and SITE MAP

All roads lead to Wythall Hamfest on Sunday 17th March.  

Doors open 09:45am – DISABLED ACCESS FROM 09:30am

Wythall House, Wythall Park, Silver Street, Wythall, BIRMINGHAM, B47 6LZ

In Association with

Visit Dave, Annette and Sam at RadioWorld in Park Hall.

  • Lots of Radio and Electronic Component Traders
  • Order your items in advance (see previous post)
  • Club Stand & Bring ‘n’ Buy
  • Refreshments from 9:00am – Licensed Bar from 12:00 noon
  • 4 Separate Halls, all indoors
  • On-site car parking 
  • 2 miles from M42 Junction 3
  • Open at 09:45 am (09.30am for Disabled)
  • Admission £4.00
  • Well signposted from major routes

Approaching from South

Leave at M42 junction 3, then take the A435 towards Birmingham.
At the first roundabout (Beckett’s Farm Complex and Sima Warehouse) take the 3rd exit, then follow the Hamfest signs.

Approaching from Birmingham or North

Take the A435 out of Birmingham towards Redditch. At the Maypole (Sainsbury’s) Island take the 2nd exit. Follow the signs to the Hamfest from there.

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Wythall Hamfest – ‘Order your items in advance!’

February 27, 2019 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

Make sure the items you want are available by ordering in advance.

SOTABEAMS tell us:

‘We only take a small selection of our products to rallies. If you wish to collect something specific from the Wythall Hamfest we recommend buying it in advance online from our web site here.  Use the “Collect from factory” shipping option and including a note with the order to the effect that you want to collect it at Wythall Hamfest on 17th March. We will then bring your order along for you.

Please order well in advance as for some rallies we set off a couple of days before the rally date. If you have any questions, call us on 01625-501643.”

You can also order in advance from RADIOWORLD.

Check the RADIOWORLD homepage here – and then telephone Sam on 01922 414796  to ensure the product you want to order will be available at the Wythall Hamfest.

Also DMRExpert Ltd – All you need to know in Digital Two-Way Radio


Visit Noel for a chat and all things DMR in the Archers Range



Wythall Hamfest is FULL!

February 10, 2019 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club, Hamfest, News

Well that’s it!  Wythall Hamfest on Sunday 17th March is well and truly full!

Dave from Radioworld is waiting to sell you a new radio!

You will find 4 halls with over 100 tables and lots of traders – including Radioworld – plus the usual refreshments and bar facilities.

With free parking, we will do our best to accommodate as many cars as possible on-site. 

Please consider sharing cars where you can.

If on-site parking reaches capacity, please be understanding if we have to ask you to find a location nearby where you can park legally and safely.  As in previous years, Silver Street will be coned off by the Police, and it may be subject to road works.

Please visit our website for regular updates.

Awards Night at Wythall Radio Club

February 07, 2019 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club, Contest, Fun, News

Awards for Wythall Radio Club contests attracted a big turn-out of members this week.

There was keen competition between members over the festive period in the Club’s annual Christmas Contest. 

Only 30 points separated the winner of the 2meter/70cm (VHF/UHF) section, with Kevin 2E0NCO (photo below) repeating last year’s success ahead of Jim 2E0BLP.  Stu M0NYP came third, a great result as he was less active during the contest than many other entrants. 

One point was awarded for contacting another Club members on each day of the contest, and a multiplier for the first contact with each member.  Operating mobile or portable gained bonus points.

Entrants in the ‘all bands/modes’ section were not restricted to operating on VHF and UHF.  They could also gain bonus points by using the many short-wave bands available for amateur radio and by using different modes such as voice, Morse code or digital. 

The top places were separated by only a few points, with Chris G3YHF (photo below) wining the G7OJO Trophy for the first time, and Don G0NES and Ian M0LQY in second and third place.  

There were several special awards.  Tim M6OTN received a certificate for making the most contacts using digital voice (D-Star/DMR) modes.  He also won the ‘Out of Town’ award for operating in the contest while on holiday in Somerset! 

Awards were given for the leading Foundation licencees  – Maz M6NKO in the 2m/70cm section, and Miles M7ACN (photo below) in the all modes section.  Miles had an impressive entry – he received his licence 2 months ago and made all his contacts using a hand-held radio and antenna! 

Some members used Zello – a mobile network-linked radio mode – and Mark M0LXQ received a certificate for making the most contacts.   John M6KET and Chris G3YHF were equal first in making contacts using Morse code.  

Photos of all award winners are in the gallery below.


Another busy month at Wythall Radio Club!

February 01, 2019 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club, Fun, News

It’s February at Wythall Radio Club – and we have lots planned!

Awards night for our Club Christmas Contest is on Tuesday 5th. Feb., along with the results of the Wythall Worldwide Awards for 2018.  The Christmas Contest is a regular feature of the Club’s calendar, as members contact each-other for points and multipliers over the festive period. 

We look further afield for the Wythall Worldwide Awards.  These involve working as many different countries as possible.  There has been keen competition between Club members!

Tuesday 12th is an evening to ‘try your hand at UHF contesting’, where members will use the Club’s radio ‘shack’ and beam antennas to try and contact other stations on ultra-high frequencies (UHF).

Another hands-on evening is planned for 19th Feb., when Club member Ian, M0LQY, will be demo-ing computer control of a short-wave transceiver and use of various digital modes to contact other amateur radio stations around the world.

And our eyes turn skywards on 26th Feb. as our visiting speaker Lyndon, G8JLY, shares the secrets of bouncing radio signals off meteor showers!

Alongside all this activity, Club members are continuing to prepare for our 34th ANNUAL HAMFEST!  More details to follow soon.


New Foundation Course Announced

January 06, 2019 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, News, Training

Wythall Radio Club are pleased to announce that we are running our latest on-line Foundation course for those seeking to gain their Foundation licence. 

We think this might be ideal for younger students or those who cannot make a regular classroom attendance on our normal teaching nights as students can study in their own time with support via posts from the tutor.

The course is planned to start on the 4th February and complete by 8th March.

Find out more at our Training Page here.

Exam success at Wythall Radio Club!

December 22, 2018 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

There were happy faces at Wythall Radio Club as the results of the recent Amateur Radio Exams were published! 

Jonathan, aged 16, became the youngest Wythall Radio Club member ever to gain an Advanced licence.  He has a shiny new callsign M0JSL.

He passed his Foundation exam in 2016 aged just 14, followed by his Intermediate in 2017 and achieved his Advanced qualification just in time for Christmas 2018!

He was one of seven candidates – including Club members Ian and Neil – who passed the Advanced exam.  Ian and Neil now have their new callsigns – M0LQY and M0LUH.

We also welcomed the success of Wythall Club member Miles (on the left of the photo above) and Colin (who is a MARS member, on the right above), displaying their Foundation level pass certificates. 

These were presented after they successfully completed a morning practical assessment. Both scored highly, with Miles achieving 100%. 

Miles and Colin were self-taught, but had a long held interest in CB and short wave listening. Miles now has his new M7ACN callsign, and Colin is M7CFL.

Finally, Ed M6ODQ took his Intermediate level examination on-line and passed with a high score.  He took 14 minutes to sit what was an 1hr and 25 min exam!  The photo shows the candidates hard at work on their exam!

The Foundation level assessment provides a straight-forward way to gain an Amateur Radio licence, giving the holder basic privileges to communicate with other amateurs worldwide using low power.  Foundation and Advanced exams are more complex, and give holders the opportunity to use higher power, construct transmitting equipment and operate on a wider range of frequencies.

These results reflect the commitment of the Wythall Radio Club’s training team, including Chris G0EYO, Roger M0GWM, Peter G4LWF and John G4OJL.