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2014 Club Calls report from G0WRC

November 09, 2014 By: M0MCX Category: Club, Contest, Fun, News

The “G0WRC” WYTH team went /P this year to Paul Marland’s farm at 1,000 feet, a couple of miles south of Broadway Tower. Just 95 in the log this year which is a wee bit lower than we’d wished for. The good news is that three club members operated, all at different “contest” skill levels so overall, a very good show and a super experience.

We used a tuned dipole at around 50 feet with a manual coax tuner to increase the bandwidth. I had made a 25 turn RG58 balun on a 4.5 inch former prior to the event which failed – probably a rubbish connector. Dropping the mast (in the gale!) and taking that out of line was the only option.

Rain and cold hampered us but the wind dropped in the end which gave us a break by the end of the contest. Tearing the station down only took one hour and we left by midnight.

As well as myself, M0MCX, I thank M0RKX & M0JMM for running the rig- and double thanks to M0NYP and 2E0NCO for helping out and letting me shout at them in the gales as we guyed out the mast!

Many other club members were heard and worked including our Club Station, GX4WAC, our Top Band experts; G3YXM and Chris G7DDN and also Simon G4TVR, who seemed to be running hard and fast. I also heard Chris G0EYO and Rob 2E0MEX. I know there were others from WYTH and I’ll unpick the log sometime to work out who was on.

73, Callum, M0MCX