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2022 – A year of DX at Wythall Club

January 10, 2023 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club, Fun, News

“HF band conditions are improving!” show the results of Wythall Radio Club’s 2022 DX Challenge.

21 Club members participated, working over 240 DXCC entities (countries) during the year. 

Our top scorers in the full licence category reached 236 (Lee G0MTN) and 202 (Dave M0IFT) countries. 

Lee used a mix of CW (Morse code), voice (SSB) and data (FT8) to reach his total, but amazingly worked over 150 countries on each of these modes

Meanwhile, Dave was only 3 short of his total on FT8 alone, the balance being made up with SSB contacts.

SSB-only Tim M0URX achieved an impressive 142 countries.

The Foundation and Intermediate licence holders were not to be left out. 

In the former, Tim M6OTN made a magnificent 106 countries, 104 of these using data modes, while John M6KET was CW-only and had QSOs with 80 countries.

Jim 2E0BLP was top of the Intermediate table with 96 countries.

Almost all the stations used simple wire antennas or verticals.

Great work and congratulations to everyone.

The 2023 Challenge is already underway.

As the bands are now open more frequently to the US, we are also running a ‘Worked All States’ Challenge – let’s see if anyone can report a QSO with those difficult to reach states of Hawaii and Alaska!