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All Change on the Antenna Front

July 21, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Wythall Radio Club is pleased to announce that we are putting up some brand new antennas to replace the old ones on the club mast.

hf beam

We can’t wait to try this monster out!

The antennas at Wythall House have been showing their age a little in recent times – they have served us well for about 25 years though!

A decision was taken earlier this year by the committee to completely strip the mast down and rebuild it with new antenna and cabling.

With the help of our friend Justin at Innovantennas, we are now the proud owners of a new 9 element HF array, a 6m/4m Dual Band Yagi, a 13 element 2m beam and a 19 element 70cms beam.

Martin at Martin Lynch & Sons has helped us out with a discount on our new Heavy Duty Rotator and Westflex cable runs, so we are good to go.

Now for the fun part – finding the volunteers to spend a weekend stripping down, cleaning up the mast and rebuilding the antenna tree!

Watch this space!