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Almost there!

October 05, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, News

Finished 1

Is there room left on the park to turn this monster?

The new antenna build at Wythall Radio Club is close to completion!

Thanks to an intrepid group of constructors, the dream we had this year of replacing all the antennas on our club mast is almost there.

Chairman Mike G4VPD has masterminded the effort, which should see our antennas in place for a good few years to come. Aided and abetted by various stalwarts, he has done an excellent job of bringing the whole project together.

Kevin 2E0NCO, John M1JSS and Peter M5DUO probably deserve honourable mentions here, but there are plenty of others too, who have helped in this massive task.

Our mast now looks a little like an advert for our suppliers, Innovantennas and Martin Lynch & Sons!

And we suspect there may be a few beers downed in celebration once the feeders and rotator cables are finally connected up!