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An Icom IC-7300 Easter!

March 26, 2016 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Three Wythall Radio Club members are celebrating a very “Icom” Easter this weekend, thanks to our friends at Martin Lynch & Sons.

Mike G4VPD, Simon G4TVR & Mark M0RKX today took delivery of three of the very first batch of IC-7300 radios in the UK.

ML&S had their first batch of this remarkable new radio arrive in the UK on Thursday and customers like Mike, Simon & Mark are receiving theirs via courier today.

The IC-7300 is arguably the most awaited transceiver in our hobby for many years, effectively being a software defined radio in a traditional radio casing and with no external PC necessary for operation.

ML&S will doubtless be selling a lot of these radios and it is a pleasure to see one close up so early on, thanks to the Wythall Radio Club photographer, who was on hand to see one of the arrivals.

Photos below – click to enlarge and get close-ups!