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An Open Day in Staines

June 02, 2015 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Another day trip for Wythall Radio Club members beckons this weekend.

Recently, friend of the Club Martin Lynch G4HKS, moved his large Hamstore to new premises near to Heathrow Airport. Lynch-Launch

We thought at first it was so he could go away to exotic holiday destinations more quickly(!) but apparently it is more to do with having extra space available for his successful Amateur Radio business.

This Saturday sees the official launch of the new shop with a typical Lynchie party – now when there are free Hot Dogs and Burgers around, you can bet Wythall folk want to be involved! Click on the poster (right) for more information.

So it is that a number of us will be spending some of our free time (and spare cash, no doubt) on a trip to London to visit Martin and his friendly staff this Saturday.

We can’t wait!