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Antenna Maintenance time

August 28, 2016 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Summertime – when the weather is good – it’s the perfect time for radio amateurs to pay attention to our metalwork in the sky – and so it has been this weekend at Wythall Radio Club.

A working party has been busy re-erecting and re-aligning our many antennas on our club mast at Wythall House.

Thanks to the help of friends of the club, professional riggers Vinny and Craig, we were able to take all the antennas down, replace the stub mast at the top of the tower and put some new hardware up to help keep the antennas safe in the coming winter storms.

All 5 beam antennas are now back in place, aligned, and with a lighter, shorter pole with extra bracing.

Thanks to all who gave up their precious bank holiday weekend time to help with this project – it means we will have improved our transmitting station considerably in readiness for the dark nights.

Some photos from the weekend are below…