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Christmas Foxhunting…

December 27, 2015 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

…but not the illegal kind of course, but the Wythall Radio Club Christmas RF Foxhunt!

Today’s order of events went something like this…


Winners Juliet M6RSC & David G7IBO with the M0GJM Memorial Trophy

Five teams of club members met up this morning at the Barley Mow pub in Studley. Team Steve 2E0SDD and Stacey M6STJ went off to hide as the first “fox” and after a few transmissions were hunted down by the trio of Phil 2E0WTH, Dave M0IFT & Jon M0JMM

In accordance with the rules, they then became the second fox but decided to go VERY close to the edge of the designated area – it took 5 overs before Stu M0NYP discovered them. He in turn became fox 3 but was found after just one transmission by husband and wife team Juliet M6RSC and David G7IBO.

They then became the final fox and chose to hide on a supermarket carpark in Alcester – there is a rumour this was so Juliet could do some shopping… Hmmmmm…. A nicely rounded morning’s fun was ended by the original foxes becoming the finders – Steve 2E0SDD and Stacey M6STJ

Most Wythall events end with food, so no surprises that the participants retired to the Barley Mow for lunch and a drink. It was there that the M0GJM Memorial Trophy was presented to Juliet M6RSC and David G7IBO as the worthy 2015 overall winners!

Having fun with RF again? Sounds like a good club motto!

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