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Easter Contest Winners

April 13, 2016 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Contest, Fun, News


Steve 2E0SDD won the FM Section

…and the results of the Wythall Radio Club Easter Contest are out – and there are new names in the top spot positions!

Despite heavy competition, the winners of both sections of the WRC Easter Contest are first-time first-placers.


Simon G4TVR won the Open Section

In the 2m/70cms FM section, Steven 2E0SDD was victorious over David G7IBO, while in the All Bands section, it was Simon G4TVR who won top prize from Dave M0IFT, who has now finished second in both his last two Wythall contests.

It seems the Easter contest, though more sedate than our Christmas event, is the little more popular for its chocolate prizes! Maybe we will have to add something to the next Christmas contest to make it a little more “palatable’… :-) Selection boxes, anyone?

Catch all the egg winners begin presented with their fayre by Contest Supremo Lee G0MTN by clicking on the thumbnails below…