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Fun in The Sun in the Park Part 3: The Radio Club’s ‘Plug and Play, Day in Wythall Park

September 20, 2023 By: john daws Category: Club

Our previous two reports described our  visitors’ interest shown in Neil’s and Ian’s  satellite and digital operations respectively.

Our final reports reflect the successes of  Lee ( GoMTN ), Chris (G3YHF ) and John (M6KET) on the HF bands using SSB and CW.

Chris working Canada on 20m SSB

The Lab 599 TX500 lightweight all band all mode transceiver+LIFEPo battery


Chris (pictured right) brought along his rig-in-a-rucksack ( previously spotted on the summit of Bredon Hill)…The Lab 599 TX500 lightweight all mode transceiver and a LiFEpo battery along with a homebrew 20m delta loop on a 7m telescopic pole.


Chris reports:  “tuning on 20m SSB the Worked All Europe Contest produced some strong signals and I worked VE3AJ in Canada first call-not bad for 10 watts!!” Lee G0MTN also worked Canada on the same rig whilst John M6KET borrowed Phil’s operating table and Portable  HF dipole and worked a number of Spanish stations on 20m  with 5 watts CW and his KX3.

By 2.30 many were beginning to wilt in the heat and it was time to pack up, lower the gazebos  and return  the equipment  to our nearby store. Chris writes: “Like all Plug and Plays I found the social side as much fun as seeing other Club members’ gear. and operating portable is always enjoyable.”

This was a great opportunity to showcase the Club and the diversity of Amateur radio; I think our visitors were genuinely interested in our operations and I include some of  visitor Martin’s comments below 

“A shared passion that unites the member… the welcoming nature of those present….the enthusiasm and thrill of connecting with fellow operators across continents….a celebration of a shared love for amateur radio… warm hospitality.”

A big thank you to Club member Martin G8VXX for providing the generator; this entailed a one hour round trip to deliver and collect and a big thank you to Phil 2E0WTH and Peter M5DUO for helping the day run so smoothly. Phil and Peter’s experiences in field operations continue to be invaluable to the club.

Phil, 2E0WTH dispenses some wisdom to an attentive chairman before providing this scribe with an outstanding sausage sandwich. Thank you Phil !!  

Among the visitors, members and operators recorded were: Chris G3YHF, Phil 2E0WTH, Peter M5DUO, Lee G0MTN, John M6KET, Ian M0LQY, Don G0NES, Winston 2E0EGP, Martin G8VXX, Neil G1TZC, Debra SWL, Mike G4VPD and Chris G7DDN.  (Apologies if I missed anyone.)