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Happy Birthday, Jim!

May 14, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Jim Icom

Watch out D-STAR, the Voice of the Midlands is coming!

The members of Wythall Radio Club are preparing for a very special occasion this week, the 80th birthday of one of our long-standing members.

Jim 2E0BLP is a grand fellow who is Wythall to the core! Often to be heard on the club frequencies, Jim has a very distinctive voice and with his broad “Brummie” accent has become known in these parts as the “Voice of the Midlands”!

Anyone in the local area cannot fail to have noticed his strong signals especially on 2m FM. Jim was a very active CB-er many years ago and becoming somewhat disillusioned with the behaviour of some on those bands, he migrated to the Ham bands where he has found a home at Wythall Radio Club.

We will be celebrating in style this Friday (his actual birthday) but meantime at last night’s Committee meeting, Jim was presented with an Icom ID-31E, bought for him by all club members chipping in.

Welcome to the Digital age, Jim and here’s to another 80 years!