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Having fun at the Hamfest!

September 28, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Members of Wythall Radio Club joined in with the members of most UK radio clubs this weekend in visiting the UK’s National Hamfest.


Ian M0IDR insists only the General Manager should serve him at the RSGB stand! Cruel!

Several folk from Wythall made the trip north to Newark in Nottinghamshire; Chairman Mike G4VPD & Treasurer Ian M0IDR headed the throng – others tagging along included Phil 2E0WTH, John M6FBO, David G7IBO, Jon M0JMM & Chris G7DDN.

It was great to see and meet so many friends and make new ones while we were there; and of course there were new goodies to tempt us all!

There was certainly a buzz around this year’s event. Maybe that was due to the presence of the TXFactor guys! When their next program comes out, we may well be playing a game of “Spot the Wythallian in the background!”

A fantastic day out, though one feels a little for David G7IBO, who was planning to go back on the Saturday(!) but had to stay at home to look after his poorly wife, Juliet M6RSC!