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Mills on the Air photos GB1DGW

May 13, 2012 By: M0MCX Category: Club, Fun

An amazing day out, thanks to all stations who worked us. QSL cards will be posted to all 200 contacts.  Chris (G0EYO) said, “I counted 18, G0EYO, M0MCX, M3PMP, Syd (G4?) M6AUL, 2E0WTH, M0NYP, M0JMM, 2E0BLP, M1JSS, M0IDR &XYL, G7DDN, G7IBO, M3RSC, M0YOM, G0MTN, and M0COK. Who have I missed out”? Speak up if your callsign isn’t listed. What a great day team!

Photos courtesy of James Thresher, M0YOM