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Nearly 89 and still learning Morse!

July 29, 2015 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Presentation to G1MJO

Adjudicator Lee G0MTN presents Alf G1MJO with the Lew Williams Shield for 2015

Well, the results are in… and it’s celebration time for one of Wythall Radio Club’s oldest members.

The winner of the Lew Williams Shield for progress in Morse Code has been announced as Alf G1MJO.

Alf is one of Wythall Radio Club’s oldest members – at nearly 89 he still turns up faithfully every week for Morse class and to support members in all their regular activities. He even comes by taxi in the rare event he cannot get a lift to club nights!

When the Morse classes recommenced a few years ago, Alf was one of the original starters and has kept improving his skills week by week. This year he has been rewarded for his efforts by winning our prestigious club shield, presented in honour of former Club President and Morse tutor, Lewis Williams.

While the judging was very close, most members here will agree that no-one deserves it more than Alf.