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Preparing for Christmas – early!

November 30, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Contest, Fun, News

Now December is almost upon us, the thoughts of many a Wythall Club member start to turn to the annual “in-house” Christmas Contest.

This event, probably the most popular in the Wythall Radio Club Calendar, started from small beginnings and has now become a major feature of members’ Christmas Celebrations. Some amateurs have been known to join our club just to take part in it!

The idea is to work as many members as possible every day from 2000 on Christmas Eve till 2000 on New Year’s Day.  It is not quite as straightforward as it seems though and there are bonuses to be gained for using different bands and modes as well as going portable, mobile and operating from each other’s houses! Phew!


The G7OJO Trophy & the 2m Trophy

The eventual winners are presented with the G7OJO Trophy (for all bands) and the 2 Meter Trophy (for members using 144 MHz only.)

This Tuesday 2nd December, there is a presentation by Contest Supremo Lee G0MTN about the history and development of the Contest and on the innovations introduced in recent years, which will include more on the latest updates to our fantastic logging spreadsheet and some online goodies to increase the fun level during the holiday season.

It will be a fascinating evening for sure. So be there at 2030 this Tuesday 2nd December in the Club Shack. It will be full, so arrive early!