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So close but just pipped at the post! G4WAC/P (GoMTN) runner up in the NFD CW QRP Class

June 24, 2023 By: john daws Category: Club, Contest, News

Was the break for sustenance (a sausage roll?) the crucial lost few minutes  the moment that Lee (G0MTN) just lost out to M0RYB/P  (Loxlot Club) in the QRP Unassisted Portable Station Section in the recent National Field Day Contest??

Lee endured extremes of heat and cold in his one man 24 hour operation

Lee writes:

“NFD results are out and  G4WAC/P *almost* won the QRP shield… I came second. I had more QSOs than the second placed entrant (and previous winner) but couldn’t find / work enough multipliers.  All the Russians that called are worth zero points too currently. Have a look at the attached chart to show how close the race was. It does show there’s no time for sleeping!  



I submitted the log to the German DARC society for their (and the IARU) Field Day – let’s see if it’s the same result there.


A magnificent performance  and please see the previous report on Lee’s extraordinary marathon