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The G0ICJ Shield : Chris G0EYO Triumphs Again!

May 26, 2023 By: john daws Category: Club, Contest, Fun

Chris G0EYO has participated in every Easter Wythall Radio Club Contest since its inception 25 years ago but this is the first time he has won the All Bands section and is the happy recipient of the G0ICJ shield (see pic).

This contest, and its older companion, the WRC Christmas contest (37 years old as of 2022) is a great way of getting members on the air over a holiday period and getting points for working each other.

Winning often takes stamina, determination and ingenuity, none of which Chris possesses, so he puts his success purely down to luck!

Although this year’s contest had its sadness due to the passing of its most successful participant; Jim 2E0BLP a short while after the contest finished, it was inspiring that despite his deteriorating health condition, Jim actually won the FM section for the 7 th time.

Chris says he was “honoured to share the winner’s platform with the manwho was known to all as the “Voice of the Midlands”


Coming soon ..

the sun is out .. the sky is blue and is that the sound of  young  birds twittering in the  green foliage?.. no .. it’s members of Wythall  Radio Club warming up for the national CW Field day on the Weekend  of June 3rd-4th. 

Watch this space!