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Tiny radio signals travel the world!

May 02, 2018 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club

Travel 1100 miles on 1 watt of power?

That’s what was achieved with a miniature home made transmitter/receiver by Wythall Club members Sue 2E0LUJ and David G0HVN.

Signals from the Foxx transceiver were received across Europe. Their most distant report was from the west coast of Finland, over 1000 miles (1800 km) away.

This was Sue’s first venture into radio construction, and Dennis from Kanga Products (who supply the radio in kit form) provided lots of helpful advice and some spare components free of charge.

To celebrate, Wythall Radio Club held a ‘Foxx evening’. Other members brought their Foxx radios (all mounted in different sweet tins!) and other low powered equipment.

The Foxx 3 is very popular with radio amateurs who specialise in low power, and Sue and David’s results show what can be achieved with such a tiny radio!